What to Expect

If you are unfamiliar with Psychologists and don’t know what to expect, read on!

  • Appointments usually last between 50 minutes and one hour. Sessions may be longer for certain kinds of treatment, psychological testing and initial consultations.
  • The first appointment will usually involve assessing or talking about the problem and some initial treatment planning, which will be discussed with you and/or your family if appropriate.
  • We will estimate the number of sessions and the type of therapy that is likely to lead to an effective outcome for you. We will help you understand the relevance of your treatment plan and you should feel free to raise any issues you need clarified.
  • Psychologists are trained to use a wide range of assessment and therapeutic strategies. The reason for referral and the psychologist’s theoretical orientation (way of working) will determine the content of the sessions, which may include discussion, testing, behavioural tasks, or other relevant activities. You may sometimes be asked to practice strategies or undertake assignments between visits, and your family may also be involved in sessions if appropriate.
  • Typically, clients need only four to ten sessions with a psychologist, because of the effectiveness of short-term treatment. Occasionally a single session will be sufficient to provide clients with appropriate and useful information. Some psychologists practise on a long-term basis and some clients require long-term support.